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Early childhood experiences are critical to the emotional and intellectual development of a child’s brain. During these early years, 75% of brain growth is completed. Adults that care, support, and teach children play a significant role in building the groundwork for a lifetime of learning and forthcoming success. At The Learning Bee our teachers encourage personal, social, and cognitive development; promote language and physical development; and incorporate Pre-Reading and Pre-Writing skills into their daily lesson plans that follow a Maryland State Department of Education approved curriculum. Music and Movement and Art Activities are also incorporated into lesson plans. At The Learning Bee we provide toys, materials, and equipment that are not only age appropriate, interesting and challenging but also encourage independence and self-sufficiency.



The Learning Bee provides a warm, nurturing, safe environment for infants as young as 6 weeks old. Parents provide an individualized daily schedule for their infant that is followed by our teachers. MSDE approved Creative Curriculum along with age appropriate toys and materials are used to stimulate and develop the skills needed for babies to reach each developmental milestone. Cognitive development is promoted by responding to an infant’s natural interest in the world around them. We provide our rapidly changing infants with dynamic and numerous activities and experiences such as a variety of textures, objects, movements and sounds to stimulate their interests.

Some of the daily activities your infant may participate in are rocking, sign language, stories, nursery rhymes, finger plays, music, songs, imaginative games, art activities, interaction with other babies, and soft play climbing activities.



As a Toddler your child goes through many stages of development. The Learning Bee provides a safe classroom environment that promotes exploration, imagination, discovery, self- independence, playtime, and friendships. Social skills are developed in circle group instruction, learning to interact in groups, taking turns, and playtime. Toddlers are fascinated by new shapes, textures, colors, smells and tastes so our lesson plans include various sensory activities. In addition, nature is incorporated into the lesson plans to stimulate the toddler’s natural curiosity and genuine interest in new objects and experiences.

Your child will participate in self-initiated play activities as well as teacher-directed activities that include circle times, stories, sign language, music and movement, imaginative games, art activities, puzzles, and soft play on our climbing mats.



When your child turns two they are learning a lot about themselves, how they relate to adults, to other children, and the world around them. Two year olds need to safely use their creativity by exploring their surroundings. A child’s work is play and we provide ample opportunity for your child to use their imagination, try new activities, share feelings and develop their independence. At The Learning Bee Child Development Center our well-trained teachers encourage the development of each child to their fullest potential.

Cognition and General Knowledge in the Two Year Old classroom is explored and learned through: Math Concepts, Science Concepts, and Social Studies Concepts. Math Concepts are taught by matching and sorting, color name of objects games, and counting and using numbers when discussing objects. Exploration, wonder, using the five senses, and creative uses of materials by children teach Science concepts. Social Studies concepts are “taught” by pretend play, cause and effect for routines, and rules. Our Music and Movement program develops large and small muscles. Pre-Reading is promoted through simple songs, rhymes, finger plays, listening sound games, recognition of symbols, reading books, story telling, and drawing.


Preschool (3’s Program & 4’s Program)

At The Learning Bee we provide the lesson plans and activities for your child to expand his/her scholastic skills while her personal and social development is guided. We provide themed units that are interesting, challenging, educational, and fun. Math skills are taught using a “Hands-on” approach with problem solving, counting, matching and sorting objects. Science concepts are presented to explore and wonder using the five senses and learning about cause and effect.

Pre- Reading skills are developed by singing songs, conversations, questions and answers, rhymes, finger plays, listening games for sounds, symbols, letter identification and sounds, reading books, story telling, introduction of new vocabulary words, and drawing. We also provide time each day for Physical Development through various mediums such as dancing, music and movement, obstacle courses, jumping, marching, running, games, and climbing on our outdoor climbing castle. Hand-Eye coordination and small muscles development is promoted through use of finger paint, play dough, markers, crayons, chalk, cutting with scissors and paper, cubes, blocks, beads, and puppets.

In addition, Personal and Social Development is very important for future school success so we encourage children to learn manners and respect for others and property. We provide praise and encouragement for trying new activities, helping others, learning ways to resolve conflicts, expressing feelings, and using words to ask for help.


Kindergarten Enrichment (Ages 4/5 entering Kindergarten the following year)

The few years before kindergarten are the most important learning years in a child’s life. Our Kindergarten Readiness class for 4 and 5 year olds provides a well-rounded approach based on the Maryland Model for School Readiness. Domains of learning include Personal and Social Development, Language and Literacy Development, Cognition and General Knowledge (Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Art, Music, Dance, Physical Development and Health). Our curriculum is approved by the Maryland State Department of Education.

We provide a myriad of hands-on learning opportunities for the students. Our qualified teachers get to know each child as an individual and understand there are various learning styles and needs. The materials provided encourage learning through play experiences as well as teacher directed experiences. We strive to provide interesting challenges to help children develop a love of learning for a lifetime of learning.


Summer Camp

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