Early Childhood Education in Frederick, MD

We Provide Quality Daycare and Preschool at The Learning Bee!

The Learning Bee Child Development Center in Frederick, MD is the area leader for full and part-time educational childcare, daycare, and preschool. Our teachers know that early childhood experiences are critical to the emotional and intellectual development of a child’s brain. We encourage personal, social, and cognitive development in all of our children, ranging from infants and toddlers, to preschoolers, kindergartners, and above.

Educational Childcare & Daycare in Frederick, MD

In our childcare and daycare programs, we accept children from 6 weeks to 12 years of age. This includes before and after school care for children with transportation to and from school. Our center consists of 8,000 square feet, 8 spacious classrooms, and Kiddie City – an indoor dramatic play center. We provide activities and play equipment for every age group, so that no child feels left out. We even have two separate outdoor play areas with rubber mulch designed for all age groups.

Hands-On Preschool in Frederick, MD

The Learning Bee also offers preschool programs for children age 3 or 4. Our teachers provide lesson plans and activities to expand your child’s scholastic skills, while his or her personal and social development is guided through contact with other children. We use a hands-on approach with units that are challenging and educational, but also interesting and fun. Your child will find learning to be fun! To learn more about the teachers at The Learning Bee, visit our Teachers page.

Exciting Summer Camps in Frederick, MD!

The summer camps at The Learning Bee in Frederick, MD include swimming, cooking, and special field trips to destinations throughout Maryland. We also do short weekly trips to places around Frederick, like the movies, library, parks, and more. Your child will enjoy all of our games, crafts, and outdoor activities all summer long!  Contact The Learning Bee today to learn more about our Summer Camps in Frederick!


If you’re interested in childcare, daycare, preschool, or summer camps at The Learning Bee in Frederick, MD, please give us a call at (301) 695-1133, send an email to info@thelearningbee.com, or fill out our Contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!