Two Years to Three Years Old

When your child turns two they are learning a lot about themselves, how they relate to adults, to other children, and the world around them. Two year olds need to safely use their creativity by exploring their surroundings. A child’s work is play and we provide ample opportunity for your child to use their imagination, try new activities, share feelings and develop their independence. At 

Children at this age are constantly changing! Partnering with a child care center that understands this age is so important. The Learning Bee Child Development Center our well-trained teachers encourage the development of each child to their fullest potential. 

Two year olds want to attempt and complete as many tasks as they can independently. Due to this drive for independence, two year olds tend to get frustrated frequently and expend a lot of energy learning how to identify and cope with their feelings. Empathy, to recognize a person in need of comfort and to have the ability to offer another comfort, develops at this age. Children at this age are beginning to experiment with cause and effect as they work through how their choices affect others.

Cognition and General Knowledge in the Two Year Old classroom is explored and learned through: Math Concepts, Science Concepts, and Social Studies Concepts. Math Concepts are taught by matching and sorting, color name of objects games, and counting and using numbers when discussing objects. Exploration, wonder, using the five senses, and creative uses of materials by children teach Science concepts. Social Studies concepts are “taught” by pretend play, cause and effect for routines, and rules. Our Music and Movement program develops large and small muscles. Pre-Reading is promoted through simple songs, rhymes, finger plays, listening sound games, recognition of symbols, reading books, story telling, and drawing.

Space for our Two’s Program is limited.
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Twos playing in classroom