Shawn Lance –  I am a parent from The Learning Bee in Frederick, Maryland.  My son is 7 years old.  He has been at The Learning Bee since the day they opened. He’s gone through every program here.  The Pre-K program is great – they get everybody ready for Kindergarten.  He’s in the after school program now, which he really enjoys.  They have homework time, they play, it is a very nurturing environment with academics involved as well.

We started him here when he was about 9 months, and development-wise, he was right on track up through the ones and twos, and then he got into the threes.  I remember when I came in one day, when he was about two or three, and they were letting him pour his own milk, and I remember looking at the teacher and saying, “Are you really going to let them pour their own milk out of the pitcher?” and she said, “Oh, absolutely!  They need to learn some time, and we love to promote independence.”  I was just shocked – it’s one of the things that really sticks out in my mind here.

The Learning Bee is a very safe place.  I’ve never had any problems or any concerns, and I’ve always been able to call in if I needed to know something.   The Learning Bee is a great place for your child to be, whether it be before, after or during the school day.


Tash – Hi, I’m Tash and we’ve been with The Learning Bee for about two and a half years now.  When my baby came here, she was in the preschool program and had never been in daycare before and she excelled.  I know this because when she started Kindergarten, she turned five on Sunday and went to school on Wednesday and I was so scared that she wasn’t going to be ready because she was so young, but she was more than ready.  We owe that to The Learning Bee.

Susan – Hi, I’m Susan and my daughter Grace has been going to The Learning Bee for six years now, and she loves it.  She’s gone through the preschool program that is here, and had a good start for Kindergarten.  More than anything, this is where I feel safe to have her come.  I cannot wait for summer to come, and I know that she’s here with all of the teachers and they love her and take good care of here.  This is where she will be until she is twelve, unless they increase the age!

Video Testimonial # 2 – name of woman? – My name is (enter name here) and I send my son Benjamin to The Learning Bee.  He’s been here since he was about eight weeks old.  I like the consistency of the staff and The Learning Bee has been very reliable for me and my work schedule.  This is his last year and I am especially impressed with the four and five class that prepared him for Kindergarten, and I think he’s ready.  He’s learned a lot here.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell, but when your kids come home and tell you what they learned that day, it’s the best feeling of all.   I thank The Learning Bee for the very best experience in Pre-K and daycare.

Sarah – Hi, my name is Sarah and I’m the mom of twin boys that attend the preschool here at The Learning Bee, and we’ve been very pleased with the program so far.  My only regret is that we didn’t start them sooner.  We started in February, so we’ve been at The Learning Bee for just a few short months and they’ve learned so much in the short amount of time that they’ve been in the classrooms.  The teachers have been great, they can count to over one hundred, they write their names so much better now, and they come home with more artwork and projects than you could imagine, so I know that they are busy all day and every day.  It’s neat to see how much they’ve grown in such a short amount of time.