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My son has been in the 4/5 room at The Learning Bee since Oct 2011, he looks forward to going to school to learn from his excellent teachers and to play with all his new friends. He especially enjoys the weekly science walks, the “Fun Bus” and all the other special activities the center and his teachers plan to enrich the childrens’ education. I have found the owner, director, assistant director as well as the other teachers at the center I interact with on a regular basis to be friendly, helpful and loving towards the children. I would highly recommend The Learning Bee to parents who are looking to find child care for their children ages 6 weeks through school age including before and after school care as well as a special summer program. You will find they have an excellent curriculum including teaching simple sign language in the Infants I & II classes all the way to the special field trips the school age children take during the summer to enrich their education. | Yelp.com 

Cynthia C.| Walkersville, MD

The Learning Bee has been a very large part of my children’s lives for over 8 years now. My daughter was one of the first children enrolled in this family friendly environment when she was 18 months old. My daughter attended all classroom ages, up until she graduated and fully prepared to go to kindergarten. It was one of the saddest days of my life, leaving the bee to move my daughter of to elementary school. I was blessed with another child and didn’t even think twice as to where I would enroll her into preschool. The learning bee has taught both my children the value of socialization, assisted them with emotional development, and taught my oldest the art of sharing and giving to others. Their educational programs are by far, the best I have seen around. I have an education background dealing with young children, and I have yet to walk into another daycare/preschool that compares on all levels to The Learning Bee. I am so proud of my girls accomplishments and I give a lot of the praise to The teachers at The Learning Bee. I LOVE THE BEE!!!! | Yelp.com

Lea Anne C. | Frederick, MD

I love the Learning Bee. My daughters started there at ages 2 and 4 years.  Both are now in elementary school but we just dropped in for the last 2 Fridays that FCPS was closed and it was just like coming home.  My girls were so excited to see their teachers again!  The elementary program is always fun every time we drop in and I am happy to have a place that I feel safe bringing my children and knowing they will be busy and having fun.  One Friday they went to the pumpkin patch for a field trip with the kids and the other Friday the kids made bread from scratch!  We also attend the summer camp and I would highly recommend it. | Yelp.com

Ann N.| Frederick, Maryland

After a recent visit in April, Accreditation Validator from the Maryland State Department of Education, Judith Dighe, called The Learning Bee a “Top School.” “Although you have many children in the Kindergarten Readiness class reading, all the children were being challenged and engaged and needs met at all levels.”

Judith Dighe

Joan Coble, Education Consultant, former Principal, Preschool teacher, and Reading Recovery Teacher and now currently an accreditation validator for the Maryland State Department of Education said that The Learning Bee, “was excellent in all areas and excelled even farther in Literacy and Science,” “the Center was calm and peaceful and the children were happy,” “I would put my Grandchildren here!”

Joan Coble

My daughters have been at The Learning Bee for nearly 3 years. My youngest was 18 months when we first enrolled and my older daughter was 4. Returning to full time work as a mother always carries with it such tremendous amounts of stress, anxiety, guilt and concern for the safety and welfare of the children and I was no different than all the other moms who face this dilemma. An added stressor was that I work in medicine at the hospital which can sometimes mean long, unpredictable shifts. The staff at The Learning Bee quickly put my fears to rest by providing a smooth and seamless transition for both of my daughters with their culture of compassionate nurturing and child-focused care. They created a safe environment for my children to feel at ease and also have a lot of fun.

Cindi Webb (owner) and Krista Kaplan (Director) really individualize and cater the services that are provided and available for each child and each family who attend The Learning Bee. They have shown a willingness and eagerness to help accommodate changes in life events and schedules as well as any specific need(s) of the children. The support and education that the children receive from the teachers and assistants is unparalleled. The staff at The Learning Bee strives to provide a fun, comprehensive educational experience in a safe and loving environment. My experience here has been such a source of comfort and reassurance for the past 3 years. Being able to entrust the care of my children to The Learning Bee helped me with the struggles of balancing work life and home life.

Gloria Friedland

A 4 year old’s mom from Walkersville, MD said, “ her experience has been excellent. The Pre-K program that is offered has been wonderful and I feel that she will be right on track for Kindergarten…I thank all of the staff for their kindness, patience, and caring for my daughter. It has been and is the best experience she has had in a childcare situation”.

Another Happy Parent

My Daughter had a terrific experience in her class and from what I could observe when I did drop in, I could see why. Her Teacher has such enthusiasm and patience with the children, it’s a blessing.

Torri Craig

We have been with The Learning Bee since my son was 3 months old, about 3 ½ years. One of the greatest benefits is that it is a dependable time to get away from mom and dad, and have interactions with a variety of peers and learning to trust other people. The Teachers at The Learning Bee are friendly and caring. He loves the music and dancing! It is a safe happy place for my child to Bee… J

Andy Neal

We love it! In fact my Granddaughters tell anyone they speak with, whether in a doctor’s office, grocery store, Wal-Mart or anywhere for that matter that they go to The Learning Bee. Some of the things my daughter and I so appreciate is the security of having to check in by computer as well as having to key in the code to get into the actual teaching area of the school.

We also like the informative environment offered to parents. Most especially, we love the beautifully decorated bulletin board in hallway. At a glance, we can tell what subjects are being taught and discussed and the time frame it is scheduled for.

We find the staff to be welcoming to all who enter, we most especially love their teacher. She is AWESOME! I feel she is a wonderful person and a great teacher who has certainly been a stepping stone for my granddaughter who will enter Kindergarten this fall.

Betty Kay Phillips