Testimonials from our Parents

Providing Daycare and Preschool to Frederick, MD and Surrounding Areas


Other Testimonials

The Learning Bee was huge factor when we were searching for our home, a must on my list was to find our home within the vicinity of the Learning Bee, I did not want to pull my daughter out of a place in which she called her 2nd home! This is the place in Frederick where all the fun and education happens for our kids!

Way to go Learning Bee….Keep up the good work!

Rhonda Roberts

What we value most about the Learning Bee, wow there are so many things!!!   As a parent I value the learning experience my daughter has received, the friendships we both have made, the excellent care she has been given, its hard to put a value on a center that is so exceptional! There is no other center that compares!  My daughter has benefited in so many ways since her 1st day: She has grown from a toddler into a wonderful, smart, friendly, independent loving 5 year old, all thanks to her experiences at the Learning Bee!

We have been a part of the Learning Bee Family since my daughter was 2, she has just turned 5!

It has been the best 3 years!

A Happy Parent

The teachers at the Learning Bee are the best in Frederick. The staff is caring, friendly, nurturing, educated they make each child and parent feel like part of their family. The staff always looks professional and keeps their classrooms and entire center sparkling clean!

A Happy Parent